The Recompiler Issue 4: Legacy Systems

The Recompiler - Issue 4Just a brief post to note that I have a short essay in the most recent issue of The Recompiler, which centers around the theme of legacy systems. I wrote about using Exiftool to investigate legacy file formats. While I realize that this might have the potential to read like dry technical writing, I hope that I have avoided that by framing it within personal experiences of teaching and working with archival collections. As someone who once identified as something of a technophobe, it is one of my professional goals to instill beginning information professionals with a sense of confidence and direction when encountering new-to-them technologies and digital materials. I believe that applications like Exiftool are helpful in this endeavor (though perhaps any similarly versatile and well-documented command line application might also be).

I am in very good company in this issue – in particular there are some very good pieces on archival and digital preservation projects. Previous issues of The Recompiler are available to read for free online. This is a publication with an excellent mission, and I am very excited to contribute to this community.