Hypothes.is Web Annotation Workshop Notes

In February, fellow doctoral student Aisling Quigley and I led a workshop on personal and pedagogical web annotation with Hypothes.is as part of Digital Scholarship Services’ spring workshop series. We had a very engaging discussion with attendees about how Hypothes.is might be used for personal note-taking as well as for pedagogical purposes. I have been especially interested in considering how a flexible web annotation platform might potentially be used in place of the discussion boards frequently found in learning management systems. Others raised questions about the digital preservation of the layer that Hypothes.is creates over other (especially dynamic or unstable) web pages – for example, the changing home page of a news website, or a social media feed. These appear to be issues that the team at Hypothes.is (which includes representation from the Internet Archive) are exploring as well. I look forward to seeing how this relatively new but already extremely interesting platform grows.

Notes and slides from our workshop are available here, and I encourage those who are interested in web annotation to spend some time on the Hypothes.is blog, which is a full of updates, case studies, and other useful resources.